What is SpiderCloud Wireless?

As the latest innovation in cellular telecommunications, SpiderCloud Wireless is the world’s first scalable, fully functional, cloud-based small cell system. Small cell networks use low-powered radio access nodes in densely populated areas to increase range and capacity as cellular standards are constantly updated- for example, the introduction of 5G.

A single SpiderCloud system consisting of one services node can manage up to 100 dual-carrier radio nodes while providing reliable capacity and coverage for sites of up to 1.5 million square feet. Better yet, the SpiderCloud Radio Access Network (E-RAN) systems provide mobile-broadband coverage and capacity that’s typically cheaper than previous DAS solutions.

Why Should You Upgrade to SpiderCloud?

If you run an enterprise or municipality in a heavily populated area like Boston, SpiderCloud Wireless is the next-generation, cloud-based technology that you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to its warp-like speed, unsurpassed in-building capacity and high return-on-investment, SpiderCloud provides you with these benefits:

  • Better connection coverage. Every network has capacity hotspots and “not-so-hot” spots. E-RAN delivers robust capacity wherever and whenever it’s needed. A single SpiderCloud system deployed in a large building can deliver up to 250 sectors of capacity- offloading the macro network while keeping your employees productive.
  • Simple integration. SpiderCloud E-RAN can be easily deployed over an Ethernet LAN just like Wi-Fi. Based on your enterprise’s needs SpiderCloud offers three flexible deployment options and is simple to integrate into your existing intranet.
  • Enhanced security. The SpiderCloud E-RAN platform was designed to address the security concerns of users across various industries, including government regulators, law enforcement agencies and mobile operators. Rest assured that SpiderCloud will keep your valuable information protected from the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

Is installing SpiderCloud Wireless the right business decision for you? Three of the four major mobile operators in the US- along with two of the largest mobile operator groups globally- have already invested in SpiderCloud’s small cell network. If SpiderCloud is good enough for those telecommunication pioneers, what are you waiting for?

Where Does Comm-Tract Come In?

As a trusted telecommunications infrastructure partner based in Boxborough, MA, Comm-Tract
has always stood at the forefront of embracing new technologies. Given our ability to now provide and install SpiderCloud E-RAN systems, our municipal, enterprise and academic clients can remain confident that it’s the right business decision when choosing Comm-Tract for their telecom infrastructure needs. Our service area includes Boston’s MetroWest, North Shore and South Shore, along with Cape Cod and Western Massachusetts.