Municipalities and state agencies need to have an efficient network that spans buildings and can accomodate substantial volumes of data and a wide variety of applications. A private fiber optic municipal area network is the best option for many municipalities. It consolidates and extends communications across the various town offices, departments, schools, police, fire, and emergency services.

By constructing a private fiber optic network, the municipality is able to address their unique needs and:

  • Supply all municipal buildings with a common, secure communications infrastructure
  • Consolidate all voice, data, AV and security systems— making it easier to manage and interconnect
  • Standardize network services among departments and schools
  • Increase Internet speed, bandwidth, and application response times
  • Reduce costs resulting from individual connections to providers and carriers across multiple locations
  • Improve data back-up and redundancy infrastructure

Comm-Tract has been engaged with the commonwealth of Massachusetts for several years, licensed under the state contract.

Our municipal clients include:

  • City of Boston – Metro Boston Homeland Security Region
  • City of Gloucester
  • City of Lawrence
  • City of Lynn
  • City of Newton
  • City of Northampton
  • City of Revere
  • City of Salem
  • City of Quincy
  • City of Waltham
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Lawrence Public Schools
  • Massachusetts Executive Offices of Health and Human Services
  • Massachusetts Department of Corrections
  • Metacomet Emergency Communications Center
  • Southeastern Massachusetts Regional 911 District
  • South Shore Regional Emergency Communications
  • Town of Andover
  • Town of Barnstable
  • Town of Franklin
  • Town of Marblehead
  • Town of Marshfield
  • Town of North Andover
  • Town of Reading
  • Town of Plymouth
  • Town of Weston

Case Studies

City of Gloucester

Suffering from strained network communication between facilities, Gloucester had insufficient support for citywide data, applications, and secure Internet access. Also divided by a major interstate, Gloucester needed a new network that traversed the geography and provided access to all facilities.

Comm-Tract designed, constructed, and implemented a fiber optic Municipal Area Network (MAN) that provides high-speed voice and data services to all municipal facilities. Utilizing the city’s telephone poles and underground conduits, and constructing new underground trenches successfully linked all city facilities.

Comm-Tract also implemented Gloucester’s interior structured cabling systems for its local area network (LAN) environments, workstation locations, communications rooms, and data center.

City of Waltham, and Waltham Public Schools

Waltham suffered from frequent network outages and lacked the capacity to sustain seamless Internet access. The city called on Comm-Tract for this long-term, phased project that would give them the scalable communications infrastructure required for efficient network communications.

Working throughout the busy, urban community, Comm-Tract implemented a fiber optic metropolitan area network (MAN) that connects most city facilities including school buildings.

Waltham now enjoys seamless communications across the entire city. Over 20 school and city departments have reliable access to citywide applications and data, as well as the Internet.

Executive Office Of Health And Human Services

Executive Office Of Health And Human Services (EOHHS) has seven departments located throughout 14 buildings in Boston, Massachusetts. This aging communications infrastructure required upgrades to structured cable systems and local area network (LAN) infrastructure.

Comm-Tract worked within a busy urban environment to efficiently implement all the upgrades and seamlessly connect the 14 facilities.

The dynamic EOHHS, now enjoys a standardized communications infrastructure that allows for streamlined moves, adds, and changes as employees, applications, needs evolve.

Town of Marblehead

Marblehead, frustrated with the lack of accessibility to town-wide communications applications, called on Comm-Tract to deploy a standardized communications infrastructure that could support its day-to-day communications needs.

Comm-Tract designed and deployed a fiber optic Municipal Area Network (MAN) that linked all municipal facilities. The predominately aerial network, connects buildings through fiber optic patch panels that are carried through to local area networks (LAN) in over 15 buildings.

Marblehead now enjoys access to applications, systems and resources from any location on the town-wide network.

Town of Reading

The Town of Reading needed to eliminate network outages, add back-up services, and increase their communications infrastructure to house CATC, the town’s cable television station.

Working with the town, Comm-Tract designed a three-phase, 17-mile, fiber optic Municipal Area Network (MAN) that spanned over 500 aerial poles and utilized preexisting underground conduits. Comm-Tract also provided the interior structured cabling for the CATV and provided its integration to the communications infrastructure.

The town now posses an infallible, high-speed network that provides public access television directly into the local cable operators, Verizon and Comcast.

City of Salem

The City of Salem recently undertook a special project to upgrade all communications networks throughout all city, school, and public safety departments. This ambitious project encompassed the improvement of the inter-departmental communications, a new centralized VoIP system, new surveillance infrastructure for the public safety departments, upgrades to all cabling infrastructure through the city buildings, and specialized wireless access network improvements. The city was having difficulty with the existing diverse networks including performance, data and voice inter-operability, wireless coverage, and other issues such as an aging CAT 3/5 cabling infrastructure limiting bandwidth to the workstation environments. The city contracted with Comm-Tract to design, install, and provide ongoing operational support of a city-wide fiber optic network, installation of the new CAT 6A cabling infrastructure, deployment of a new wireless AP network, and installation of new audio visual technologies.

The fiber optic municipal area network deployed by Comm-Tract now covers over 60 buildings. The cabling infrastructure CAT 6A upgrades to the city buildings, along with the new wireless access point networks have also now been completed. The fiber network is a physical ring design allowing for redundant communications capabilities from all buildings, and the other upgrades have vastly improved the overall communications speed, bandwidth, and coverage across all city buildings.

Massachusetts Department of Corrections

With 18 campuses statewide, the Massachusetts Department of Corrections (DOC) has specialized data and security requirements. A 10-year relationship with the DOC made Comm-Tract the logical choice for constructing an efficient and secure telecommunications infrastructure.

To link all campuses, Comm-tact implemented a high-security cable and wireless infrastructure, in addition to an aerial and underground fiber optic network. Comm-Tract also installed interior structured cabling to more than 7,000 outlets.

The new network carries all voice, data, and video surveillance communications to more than 50 buildings statewide. It also gives the DOC the capability to perform campus-wide functions such as simultaneously locking down an entire facility.

Metacomet Emergency Communications Center

The Metacomet Emergency Communications Center (MECC) was formed recently to serve as the public safety dispatch center for the towns of Franklin, Norfolk, Wrentham and Plainville. To integrate the communications requirements of the respective Police and Fire Departments of the towns, a sophisticated regional public safety network needed to be implemented. MECC awarded Comm-Tract the contract to design, engineer, and install the regional fiber optic network to serve the center. The network interconnects the four town public safety departments, and provides high speed, highly secure communications to support the 911 dispatch traffic and all inter agency data, voice, video, and RF communications.

Town of Weston

Weston, owner of an inefficient communications infrastructure and Internet access, was in need of an efficient network that had the capability to link town facilities and grow seamlessly to incorporate all emergency services.

Comm-Tract designed and implemented a scalable fiber optic Municipal Area Network (MAN) linking all town facilities with supplied high-speed voice, data, video, and cable TV services. Comm-Tract installed the private aerial network that traverses over 800 telephone poles owned by Verizon and National Grid. Comm-Tract also supplied all interior structured cabling infrastructure for facilities linked to the private network.

The town of Weston now possesses a communications infrastructure that can efficiently handle all data, communication, applications, and Internet access.

City of Boston

The City of Boston Metro Homeland Security Region (MBHSR) needed to interconnect the various public safety departments in the Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Quincy, Revere, Somerville and Winthrop to allow for interdepartmental radio communications and alarm communications.